Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Cornerstones

Last time I brought you news of The Cornerstones they were getting some great radio plays for their singles 'Stand In Line' and 'Smack Me In The Face' and had landed a major gig supporting former Stone Roses and Ian Brown guitarist Aziz Ibrahim back in September of last year.  'Smack Me On The Face' is currently a favourite on the playlist of French radio station Radio KC.

Well latest news is, they've done it again!  This time they supported Liverpudlian John Power who is a singer songwriter and musician who has been at the top of his game since he stepped onto the scene with The La's in second half of the 80's. During his 5 years with them, not only did he prove himself as an excellent musician, he also emerged as an excellent songwriter, something that would truly be realised following his departure from the band in 1991, as the following year he formed Cast where he was frontman.

They went on to have four excellent albums and a string of hit singles over a ten year period until they split in 2002. Following this split, he embarked on a solo career which has seen him deliver three further solo albums.  In 2010, it was announced they would reform and in March of last year released their fifth album 'Troubled Times' to the delight of fans and critics alike. 

The CornerstonesThis was a show not to be missed and a chance to see the supreme talents and musicianship of John Power up close and personal.  The opportunity to support John shows the pedigree The Cornerstones have achieved now and I'm certain it wont be long before they're headlining their own shows.

The Cornerstones have had several different line ups over the last seven years but feel they've now reached the final blend of musical niceness.  One constant over the years has been the partnership between singer/songwriter Richard Ruth and lead guitarist and co-writer Dan Bennion.  They've been joined by drummer Ryan Pincott and Kyle Radbone on bass to give the band a fuller more current sound.

They're playing The Sallynoggin Inn, Dublin on the 5th Oct on a Charity night that includes Starsailor.  So if you're over in Ireland check out 'Stand In Line' and get your tickets for the 5th Oct!

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