Monday, 21 January 2013

Drunk Mule

If you're looking for a band that profess to play a mish mash of all the influences they love that'll get your feet tapping and getting up and dancing (even if it is like your drunk uncle at a wedding) then Scottish band Drunk Mule are the very ones for you.

Drunk Mule are the reclusive and elusive Steven Simpson on Lead Vocals/Guiter and keys, Rich Morris on Bass/Vocals/Guitars and Melodica and they both write and perform (ably assisted; some say occasionally, by Adam Fagin on Slide Guitar/Mandolin and Flute and the mighty Daz T Steed on Drums and guitar).

What's so special about the aforementioned Drunk Mule I hear you ask, well it's this...they give their music away for free, (OK you can pay for it if you want) zilch, nothing, rien.  In fact no matter how many different ways you say it, if you don't want to pay you can have some of the funkiest music on the internet for your very own for nothing.

Image for With studio guests HashtagsThey've been in the top 40 of the Reverbnation Global Indie Top 40, (OK it was at No 39) they've been on Amazing Radio, they've been on 'big' Jim Gellately, They've been on BBC Intro Scotland with Ally McRae....hell they've even been played on Ralph's pal Tom Robinson's show on BBC Radio 6

OK, OK I know what you're thinking, no pictures, no gigs and they seem to live on're they going to make a video for the slick almost Fun Lovin' Criminalsesque 'I Built A Death Ray'...easy...check it out below.....

.....and all I can say about probably the most gifted, prolific and entertaining young men you'll never have to spend money to listen to is...go and buy 'I Built A Death Ray' and assorted other tracks and don't spend any less than a fiver.....

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