Thursday, 10 January 2013

Diamond and Anchor Clothing Company

Now every aspiring rock band needs to have a sharp image and have somewhere to sell their music and merchandise.  Well they need look no further than Diamond and Anchor Clothing Company who are an independent clothing label which rose like a phoenix from the flames of Ribcage Clothing. 

They aim to provide their customers with clean, interesting and thought provoking designs on each and every one of their garments.  By fusing together a love of street and tattoo art, music from indie to hardcore metal and punk, they are trying to create something a bit different.  Something accessible for everyone and have some fun in the process.  Not only are they selling their own garments that they sell bands music too, available online.

Now as a Jack Russell I'm inquisitive by nature so Ralph had a Q & A with Gary Cairns Diamond And Anchor supremo..... 

Ralph: What're your aspirations for the brand?

Gary: "Diamond and Anchor has always been about a long term vision rather than a clothing brand to me. I guess I used the clothing aspect and my love of design/art based projects in order to connect with like minded people, people who share my love for music.

Ralph: How has the growth of Diamond and Anchor taken place?

Gary: There have been a few people who have been instrumental in helping us grow and build a core network of trusted collaborators, such as (as an example..there are more but often remember later)The Recovery!, Crusades, Vukovi, Cold War Legacy Records, Overlook Records, Struggletown Records and many friends and family.

Ralph: And your long term aim?

Gary: The aim is simple, to bring as many people together who might not otherwise do so. Indie labels, bands, clothing, film/video makers. We will continue to grow this year on the clothing front as a lot of the production will be coming in-house, allowing for the release of many more designs and garments than we have been able to do before.

Ralph: Anything else planned?

Gary: On top of this add band merchandise,more indie labels added to our distribution section, tours,potential records releases, live shows, an unsigned festival, a youtube channel with live shows and a few things that need to be kept secret right now and 2013 is shaping up to be a MONSTER!!

I hope there is both the time AND energy to fit it all in. Lets crack on and do it!

So if you're in a band, follow a band or just want to look good.....check out the Diamond and Anchor Website and support know it makes sense!

Go on treat yourself.....

Music currently available.....

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