Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The OK Social Club

The OK Social Club closing the show after winning
Best Live Act at The Scottish Music Awards

Ralph's man on the spot asked them stuff..... 

So you hear " The award goes to - OK Social Club.....

MP: How did you feel, explain the moment? 
 OK: "We were surprised, the category was full of great bands. You always get a bit nervous waiting on any results, it's a relief when they announce it regardless of the outcome but you get a little burst of adrenaline when they say your name."

MP:How do you feel the award will help the band, is it something that will open more doors, bring you to a wider audience?

         OK: "I think everybody who was nominated got some great press but hopefully          winning best live act will help with things like festivals and touring."

MP:If you could pick a band, who you admire to go on tour with, who would it be?

  OK: "We've got lots of friends in bands so  going away with them would be fun, the guys in We Are Scientists are good fun too. U2.....that'd be an experience!"

MP:Briefly, can you share any confirmed plans, gig's, festivals etc?

   OK: "We're going to release another single from this album.  All our dates are on our Facebook/Website etc. There's a few things in the pipeline festival wise but nothing confirmed.  At the moment I have been writing songs for the next album and we plan to start recording that later this year." 

Who said 'I don't like Mondays' (OK, OK I know it was the Boomtown Rats) because one reason to absolutely love Mondays is the release of The OK Social Club's first album 'Nothing In Common' next Monday!  They've been on the blog list for a bit but good things come to those who wait and there's no arguing this album is a very good thing.  it's Scottish Indie Pop at its very best, out Frattelli-ing the Frattellis and poppier than The View (who they shared the stage with at Edinburgh's Hogmanay Celebration).  

The OK Social Club
Given that The OK Social Club have only been together as a band since mid 2011 their achievements are becoming the stuff of legend.  Their first two singles 'The Shape Of Things To Come' and 'The Late 90's' were released on Platform records in 2012 and featured on a number of radio and TV shows including MTV Rocks, Channel 4's Sunday Brunch playlist with the legend that is Tim Lovejoy, Hollyoaks, (I know) E4 and Ralph's staple viewing Soccer AM as well as Janice Forsyth's record of the week on Auntie BEEB and they were Steve Lamacq's 'Rebel Playlist' winners on BBC Radio 6 (and breathe).

I'm not going to give away too much of the album for free, you've got to go and fork out your hard earned beer tokens for this slice of musical goodness.....however I will let you hear 'The Shape Of Things To Come' which is an indie-pop classic in waiting.  It's bouncy and just what you need to kick off a gig at The Barrowlands and get the joint jumpin'.

The OK Social Club are Raff Eragona on vocals and guitars, Chris Finn on guitars and backing vocals, Gordy Burn on bass and Jordan Harvey on drums.  The reflective start to 'Twisted Young Gentlemen' lulls you into a false sense of security as it bursts into a twangy guitar, chant anthem that'll go down a storm at any festival that's got the sense to snap them up.

They're going to be busy with a load of gigs to kick off what's going to be a good year for them.  Hopefully the second half of the year will see them nip down to Manchester or Liverpool.....I'll put you up in the kennel.....nae worries.....and they've been nominated for Best Live Act in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards and you can vote on this link.....Vote for OK Social Club

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