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So I've just stuck Amida's Arts & Crafts on the old jukebox and 'Class of 2000' kicks in just as me Old Man strolls past and he says "has Jonathan Richman put a new tune out, didn't realise he was still doing stuff" and I'm like what?...and a bit later when I'm chillin' listening to 'We'd Suit Each Other' he says "woah Lou Reed's sounding fresh" and I'm like what?.....but then again him bein' all ancient and having heard all kinds of old musical stuff by people that are probably dead and famous and not necessarily in that order, that he's actually paying Amida a big compliment.  And given that the guys hail from Manchester it's refreshing that they sound nowt like Oasis (not a link to a site where you can buy women's clothes)!

They've recently released an 8 track EP on Jigsaw Records called 'My Life as a Trashcan' to mixed reviews.  Admittedly it has it's highs and lows, but for me the highs more than outweigh any low.  My favourite's being the title track which is a punky, Buzzcocks like tune, and the more pop oriented 'Starstruck Forever and Ever'.

Find Amida Quite Smashing

Anyway don't just take my word for it, go 
and have a listen to the guys and if your head's goin' like that dog off the Churchill advert like mine was, splash out some cash and add 'My Life As A Trashcan to your playlist (oh yus)!

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