Friday, 8 June 2012

Don't jump ship...follow The Mutineers

The Skids (Jobson havin' a bad hair day)

No point in livin' in the 
North West an' not givin' some space to bands from the North West.  Recently brought to my attention by that medium of wonderfulness that is Twitter is The Mutineers....and not least also because on their Facebook friends list is Richard Jobson (I know it's some old dude me Old Man remembers from his Jurassic Park days) who was lead singer with The Skids (apparently the Old Man he went to school with their guitarist Stuart Adamson) who were a massive punk type band.

So what's on the horizon for the guys?  
Their word is "at present 
it's hard to say, we're still quite surprised at how the first album has been crossing over and connecting with people of late.... It was released just over a year ago now but the last two months have been crazy in terms of the attention we've been getting! We were astounded that we were trending on Twitter with virtually zero radio & press support! The immediate thing on the radar is to get going on the second record... All the songs are written, we just need to go in and document it in the same way that we did with the first one; it'd be nice to maybe put out a single before the summer and maybe do a couple of gigs to support that but nothing is set in stone just yet!"

Best thing I can advise...go check these guys out either on their Tri-tone website where the new album lives,  Facebook or follow them on Twitter, they're acquiring a massive fan base with very little promo work and all I can advise is get on this particular bands waggon!  You maybe didn't hear it here first.....but nearly.....and don't worry I'll be finding out loads more on the guys and keep you updated on any new gigs or toons!

Check out for a cool review of the Manchester show by     
     Michael Reed - Guitar
     Nicholas James Mallins 
     - Vocals/Guitar
     Iwan Grownow - Bass
     Jack Mitchell - Drums 


                   Here's a couple of insights into the band 
                   including some live footage

They're the dogs bollocks.....and I should know!

Just checkin'

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