Monday, 18 June 2012

Vigo Thieves.....They'll steal your heart away

Vigo Thieves - Heartbeats Video

As the Old Dear never tires of saying, "Always great to hear a Scottish band singing like you know they're a Scottish band".  Well that certainly applies to The Vigo Thieves, just listen to the wonderful Steal Your Heart with it's almost Big Country-like intro and the thumping Heartbeats, last years video soundtrack for T in the Park has got to be a big club favourite, which is guaranteed to get the proverbial joint jumpin'.

It's been a bit since I first did a write up on them so I'll forgo all the usual diatribe about anthems and Simple Minds/U2 like stuff 'cause it's all been said best advice at the time was to go and see the guys at the legend that is T in the Park so you could say. "I was there that sunny (ever the optimist) Sunday in Kinross when Vigo Thieves made the leap from being great to greatness".  Here's the haunting 'She's On Fire'.....

Now T in the Park is long gone and they absolutely killed it.  But they've were definitely not lazy as fresh from the studios comes a track and brilliantly crafted video that is guaranteed to capture their fans hearts and get some serious airplay. 

The track is 'Forever' which is yet another anthem, and is already seeing some heavy viewings on YouTube.  With that in mind here it is for your delectation it, love it and go see them will not be sorry!  I've included their upcoming dates under the video.....the best value for money you'll get for your beer tokens this side of Crimbo other than buying 'Heart and Soul' for the bargain price of £5 from their online store! RESULT.....and any band who'd share the bath wi' their dug canny be all bad.....

Just to keep you up to date with what's happening, they've just released the video for the new track 'Ghosts' 
and it's a cracker with a cameo appearance by John Leslie 'gien it laldy' on the karaoke.  it's another anthem of a track and sure to be getting some heavy airplay.  Maybe even see if I can feature it on my new radio show on Radio KC every Sunday 5-6pm GMT.  Even bigger news just after the release is their nomination for Best Live Act in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in March.


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