Friday, 8 June 2012

Go for a New Adventure and Be Like Pablo

So there was me an Mr Snuggles discussin' the Scottish Album of the Year Award an' he's all for voting for Mogwai which is all well and good but they're like so last year an' I'm all for King Creosote 'cause it floats my boat (see what I did there) an it's mellow and he's from Fife and so I won the argument and we voted for Diamond Mine.....go have a lissen' and I guarantee you a chillin' time.

Also up for discussion by way of coincidence was Be Like Pablo who are from further up the East Coast from King Creosote which is further up the East Coast from where me Old Man lived.  They're a relatively new and fresh young band who are both musically and visually creative.  Loving the new Be Like Pablo website, an' they don't mind if you steal stuff off it!  Now the good news is that they're playing at Rockness this weekend so expect to hear even bigger and better things about them apres event!

Be Like Pablo      Be Like Pablo

Now I've been hammering Julianne all week (their song on me jukebox you dirty minded buggers) which is like the North east of Scotland meets the West Coast of America and keeps ma head noddin' like that dog on the insurance adverts (oh yus) despite the fact that I look like the meerkat (yup I'm simple) on the insurance advert.

     Fighting fraud                Cautions! Are you looking for cheap deal on car 
insurance? You may be affecting the villagers of Meerkovo.

So my best advice is instead of me twittering on about how brilliant they are go have a shufty yourself and if you're lucky enough to have tickets for Rockness on Sunday go check out their live set.  I may only be a Jack Russell but I do have taste!

     What d'you think of the new haircut?


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