Monday, 4 June 2012

The Olympic Swimmers

Thanks to my new found amigos Admiral Fallow I'm kinda taking a dip into The Olympic Swimmers pool of musical treats.  The good news is they're releasing a new album (when I hear you ask) tomorrow!  Down side is it's a Bank Holiday because of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations so all the record shops are closed...good news is it's available to buy online from their online shop (very enterprising) or digitally from all the usual suspects.

Me 'n' Snuggles
The Olympic Swimmers
They're based in Glasgow (and even though the old dear is a Fifer I won't hold that against them) and are as follows.

Simon Lidell, Susie Smillie, Graeme Smillie, Jonny Scott and Jamie Savage.

               by Sarah Roberts in My Photos by

Upcoming gigs are as follows......

Jun 7th- GoNorth, Inverness

Jun 24th- West End Festival Closing Party, Oran Mor, Glasgow. with We Were Promised Jetpacks, Remember Remember, Miaoux Miaoux, Monoganon
Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells, Withered Hand, RM Hubbert, John Knox Sex Club, and Gav Prentice (Over the Wall)

August 25th- Fat Out Fest, Manchester

August 26th- Doune The Rabbit Hole, Doune.

Me I'm going to try and make it to the Fat Out Fest

And just in case you're worried about spendin' yer hard earned Beer Tokens on's a little heads up from Favourite Son

No Flags Will Fly, the debut album from the five piece, immediately sets itself a fairly high standard, opening with the delectable Father Said.  Delicate drums and guitars aching with reverberating melodic beauty sit behind a compelling narrative vocal which captures the listener and escorts them through a four and a half minute voyage of Sigur Ros kissed, sound-scaping loveliness.
Throughout the album, Susie Smillie’s ethereal vocals carry the melodies high and with purpose, each song blissful and triumphant in its entirety, with highlights including the hyperactive Knotsand a freshly recorded Apples and Pears.  However, it is with Game of the Century that the album really peaks; musically it is exquisite, defiant, triumphant, building up with fraught bass lines and intense, intricate drums, into vivacious elation.  If the rest of the album wasn’t so good I’d say this was definitely the stand out track.
Do yourself a favour......go check 'em out (especially live) and let me know the Jackanory.....
later dudes.

Olympic Swimmers

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