Friday, 15 June 2012

The Evacuees.....don't leave home without them

The Evacuees come from near Bristol but have their hopes set on breaking out further afield. Given the quality of the solid rock tunes they're producing you're going to be seeing them at a venue near you sometime in 2013.   I'd been listening to their track Temper Temper on Soundcloud  and as they launched into it I thought I was going to hear The Skids Into the Valley (favoured by Halfords in their TV ads God bless 'em) No Bad thing (see what I did there, a prize for anyone who can tell me).  Punchy guitar work and a big favourite to get the crowds going at their gigs.

The Evacuees are - Dean Bryant on vocals/guitar, Joe daly on bass/vocals, Will Grantham on drums and Mark Smith on guitar.  They're a hard grafting band and did a little mini-tour last August and it's an indication of The Evacuees growing pedigree that they played some of the most legendary nightspots anywhere in Britain.  

October through to December last year saw them take on more local gigs and to great acclaim as they're honing their musical skills leading to a more solid and defined sound.  If you do anything while you're on here having a look, spend your time listening to the haunting Da Vinci.....a mingle of magnificent, mellow, melodic music (I love alliteration me) at it's best......and big news for 2013 is that they'll be recording Delorean soon so watch this space!

"Support came from Somerset’s Evacuees, an indie guitar rock band of the type the NME believe are dead or should be killed off in a funeral pyre with Kaiser Chiefs at the top. They showed that indie guitar music is far from dead. This regular support band at Bristol venues are good at the genre, put in a more than solid set and when the NME remembers guitars are cool again their hacks may perhaps come knocking on their door, that is if they know where Bristol is" -

"First up was local band Evacuees, who displayed a mixture of menace and melody at the same time, something that a lot of bands fail to achieve, without sounding like they have been re-hashing the same ideas over and over again. Fronted by a husky-voiced singer, paired with interweaving guitars that, at times, jerked with an almost early Interpol feel and a rock tight rhythm section the set was nicely pulsing along with mixed tempos"

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