Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Marmalade Sky

Now you know me old man.....I've got something on the jukebox, he goes wandering past and says summat  he thinks is smart, wise and from olden times.  Well I had 'Go Crazy' by Marmalade Sky blasting out and he goes.....have The Jam reformed.....

Now to be fair these guys are on a bit of a Mod trip but fortunately I'm a three year old Jack Russell with no knowledge of ancient times, all I know is what I like and that is hard rockin', guitar thrashin', menacin', vocalisin' tunes and that is exactly what Marmalade Sky are producing and in increasingly larger amounts.

So 'Deserted Youth' is on and the Old Dear wanders past again sayin'...."you trying to mix 'Can't Get Enough of Your Love' with 'My Generation', that's proper music ......and I'm like what are you talking about other than dinosaurs or something old like that.  These guys are making music for this generation.....and here's their new video of 'Go Crazy'....


.....me, I'm off to get me parka on (now where did I put the keys for me scooter).....they're on in Tunnels in Bristol on 15th of February.....don't miss the chance to catch them live with support from Open To Offers

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