Sunday, 17 June 2012

Get know it makes sense

So I got this email sayin' Hi we're Smart an' I thought 'cheeky gits' however it turns out on further reading that it's the name of the band and I'm certain it's one you'll be hearing a lot more of in the future (definitely from me).  Smart are a Glasgow band formed in early 2011.  Since then they've recorded an EP, supported Boxes at legendary Glasgow venue King Tut's, played the main stage at the Be in the Belhaven Festival in Wishaw alongside The LaFontaines and Skippy Dyes and culminating in a live gig in front of a 1200 crowd at the Glasgow O2 Academy in November.

Playing their brand of a mix of funky pop/rock tunes like 'Know It's Your Nature' It looks like 2012 being a bigger and better year for the band with some new material on the cards over the summer months.  get yourself over to their Bandcamp site and download the excellent Birthday Suit EP then get yer arse in gear and visit Henry's Cellar Bar (a haunt of me old man back in the days before motor cars) in Edinburgh (one of the Capital's premier Indie venues) on the 22nd June and get yer proverbial rocks off with the guys.  

They'll be playing alongside the excellent 8 Track Stereo another Central Scotland band with a big sound!  Gotta love their track What I Want for some old stylee thumpin' rock n roll (me old man thinks that's Elvis Costello second from the left).

Me, ah've got to practice for next week, cause if that numptie Wayne Rooney can get a game anyone can, an you know me I'm always up for slidin' ma balls around.....and by the look o him in this photo he'll have trouble findin' his......

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