Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Shed load of songs....don't give it the brush off

So here's me heading up to 
the shed to give it a good clean out

OK well it was nice an' sunny earlier an' there was me cleaning out the shed when it got a bit cloudy so I nipped in to check the Twitter.  Now what's the chances that I get a message from Songs From The Shed sayin' that they've just done their first ever Shedcast.

Now for me a shed cast means another bliddy haircut 'cause me Old Git complains about having to hoover up after me ten times a day when I'm casting and so he bought a set of clippers and does it himself, the bastard.....but for these guys it means a cracking blend of sessions direct from a garden shed in Somerset. 

The Sun
Only in the Sun!
All the sessions are acoustic (which means they can actually play a bit) and they say "It's not about studio quality, it's about a moment in a shed" but the sounds are crystal clear and you can hear a raw honesty (I think I stole that one from some other pretentious blogger) in their music.  I'm getting a bit of a friendly kicked back vibe from these guys, although they will try and sell you stuff.....but who can complain at £7 for a CD that kills woodworm...check it out!


The shed is a former army billet based in the Somerset countryside just off junction 20 of the M5, it contains a fascinating collection of curiosities and is the perfect location to take a break from the madness of touring, kick back for a while and watch some intimate lo-fi acoustic performances.

The collections in the shed were initially put together for meetings of a small group of friends with a love of Cheese and Cider during one of our regular meetings in The Royal Oak it was suggested we tried to get some musicians to play at the first meeting. The Cheese and Cider society was immediately dropped and Songs From The Shed was born.

Since that decision the shed has seen many acts play and has featured in several national newspapers, on BBC Radio 1,2,3 and 5, as well as many local stations. They've been discussed on blogs all over the world and have featured in a BBC documentary.


And this one really blew the Old Git away when I showed him 'cause it's some old bloke and he's called Steve Harley and he played in a group called Cockney Rebel (apparently he refused to become the Pearly King) who were a bit famous and who he  remembers from what he lovingly calls the '70's which apparently was when dinosaurs roamed the earth.


So give your ears and eyes a treat, check out Songs From The Shed (Winner of Shed of the year 2011) wont be disappointed.  Oh and, they've got chickens which would be good to chase and Admiral Fallow who as you all know I love to listen to. 

One of the latest (and recently blogged by Ralph) bands to do a session in The Shed was The Travelling Band...and you can check out one of their tracks right here.


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