Thursday, 7 June 2012

Not so Wee Jimmies.....big night out!

So it's been a hectic few days and I'm a bit knackered what with GoNorth up in Inverness on the 6th and 7th and there's more good stuff coming over the weekend!  So This is just a quickie and no apologies for loads of cutting and pasting (ok sorry....sorry) as my paws are nearly bleeding from doin' the GoNorth blog.

One big highlight is at Wee Jimmies in Cowdenbeath (where apparently the Old Man used to spend some time back in the day) who are hosting what might just be the gig of the' deffo the bargain of the night with tickets a snip at only £6.  Headlining is.....

Rod Jones is best known as a songwriter/guitarist in the Scottish group Idlewild. Alongside Roddy Woomble and Colin Newton he formed the band in 1995. Over a period spanning 15 years the band have toured the world as headliners and also in support of 
Pearl Jam, R.E.M., U2, The Rolling Stones and many more. Their album “100 Broken Windows” was recently voted Scottish album 
of the last decade by fans in the Skinny magazine and continues to have a fanatical following. Their follow up album “The Remote 
Part” debuted at number 3 in the UK charts with the single “You held the world in your arms” reaching number 9. The band have released seven studio albums to critical acclaim and continue to sell out concerts across the globe.

Aside from his work with Idlewild, Rod is also a singer songwriter under his own name, releasing a debut solo album “A sentimental education” in 2010. He has also collaborated on several other projects including the currently unreleased “George is Jones” album

with American singer Inara George.

Given the busy schedule Rod has kept up for the last 15 years you might think he would want to take a break whilst Idlewild were 

on down time but no! His new band are called "The Birthday Suit" who sound more akin to the early Idlewild. This is Rod's second 
visit to Wee Jimmies, as he played the venue in March 2011.


     Rod Jones (Idlewild & The Birthday Suit) + The Coaltown Daisies + Kyle Farrell + Lauren Steven                                   Photo of The Coaltown Daisies

The Coaltown Daises fuse together the musical stylings of two established singer-songwriters. Both have an abundance of experience in a variety of areas of music from organising one of Fife's most successful music nights to recording in Hollywood with highest calibre of session musicians. It is no surprise that their shared passion for music in all shapes and sizes steered them towards meeting in the middle and collaborating just last year. Detailing their music with dual harmonies, intelligent lyrics and raw emotion, they want nothing more than to perform in front of a great audience.  The Coaltown Daisies are Lynzy Moutter and Vivienne Bern.

And if you happen to find yourself in Edinburgh over the weekend, the place to be is Electric Circus where The Merrylees, Modern Faces (who I love dearly), Caravan Club and Boot Magna (blogging them next week) will be performing.  It'll be a bangin' gig,   In the meantime here's a wee quickie fae Boot Magna ,

And if you're like me and goin' to be at home over the weekend go and have a swatch at Kingdom Cuts on Facebook who'll keep you updated on what's hot and what's not (stole that fae some old DJ bampot on Radio 1.

Now apparently it could be Cuts by name an' cuts by nature if word on the street is to be believed as listening figures have dipped a wee use 'em or loose 'em!

They're showcasing all the local bands you know, love and go to see most weekends so tune in every Thursday around 9.30pm.

So here's me an' Mr Snuggles
lissenin' to Modern Faces on Kingdom FM.

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