Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Skids

There's not a lot I can say about the mighty Skids that hasn't been said already, just that it's thanks to 'The Old Dear' and the Skids that I discovered my love of unsigned indie bands.  Now I know you're saying to yourself "but the Skids weren't unsigned"- but at the time 'The Old Dear' was not an old dear (like in the Cretaceous era) he was at Beath High School a year above Stuart Adamson and knew him when he played in Tattoo who were basically a covers band previous to Stuart forming the Skids.

He entertains all who will listen (generally himself) with stories of the early days of going to see them at some mystical place called The Kinema Ballroom.  But just to prove they're still all things to all bands, here's a cracking re-mix of Masquerade from last year by Paul Hammond.

Image result for the begbies
So here's the message to all you unsigned bands out there, never loose sight of the final prize even if it does mean that once you're signed I can't blog you anymore (just ask Slydigs who featured in the blog's early days and who are now signed with Flicknife Records!).  In the meantime.....go listen to The Begbies.....They're mental!

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