Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Merrylees.....they're the bees knees

Gotta love 'em
their managers a dog
As promised I'm taking a closer look at The Merrylees who stormed the Electric Circus gig in Edinburgh (where the outstandingly different Stanley Odd is playing Friday) that I featured a couple of weeks ago.  

This Sunday 26th June they will be playing in Glasgow at the stylish Brewdog Bar Acoustic Weekend along with Traquair

Then next Friday they'll join SWIM DEEP and Queen Jane for the VICE issue launch at NICE N SLEAZY 

They're both free entry, so make sure you get yourself there or you will find yourself being proverbially square! Merrylees are a band of psychadelic, country and western upsetters (their words not mine) and have been on the go for just over a year with a debut EP released last September to critical acclaim.  Personally I can't get enough of the track 'The Coroner' just now with it's sixties throwback guitar work.
Which reminds me, I'm Hank Marvin so gonna go and have a couple of Bonio.

Now it's just as well the lads have a sense of humour 'cause when they were down my way playing at that Holy of Holies The Cavern (yes home of we are more popular than JesusThe Beatles) in Liverpool they did an impromtue gig down at the Albert Dock  with hilarious results.....check it out.....gotta love the jobsworth though....."calm down calm down".....(Scouse accent a la Brookside)


So in the words of Adam Ant....."do yourself a favour".....go and have a Merrylees time at Brewdog this Sunday or Nice n Sleazy next Friday....I'd be there myself but the bastards on the door have a 'No Jack Russell' policy.Home

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