Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Can I see the darkness?

Just a quickie for today and I'm bringing you one of the weirdest, freakiest most addictive music videos I've ever enjoyed!  It's Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (real name Will Oldham) singing I See A Darkness, which as it happens is a hauntingly catchy, countryish type tune.  It's been covered by Johhny Cash but (no offence Johnny) his gloomy rendering (that being said Billy's 1999 version didn't have the pazzaz of this current rework) just don't cut it for me.

Image of Bonnie Prince Billy
So I know he's not my normal stylee of listening pleasure but I just can't get enough of either the video or the track (listened to it at least ten times just writing the blog).

Go have a look and a listen to I See A Darkness and freak out - or maybe it'll turn you on to some of his other stuff which is legion - later dudes.

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