Saturday, 2 June 2012

I know I'm no Corgi.....but I still want to save The Queen

OK, OK I know I'm no corgi, so it's only right that I celebrate the Diamond Jubilee 'My Way' with this alternative tribute to Her Maj The Queen .

Needless to say and inkeepin' with the current festivities 
she's had a new Royal Portrait comissioned.....


An as we're doin' the Alternative Diamond Jubilee Celebration instead of a toon scribbled by the pen of Sir Gary Barlow, I've went for that all time classic of Punk Britannia which me Old Man says he was lissenin' to when he was still able to pogo......


So all the best Your Royal Maj.....May you keep Charles out of a job (he might get one in a factory) for many more years to come.

Charles got a job in a factory

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