Monday, 11 June 2012

Johnny and the Giros.....doling out some great sounds

Now on my YouTube favourites list is a band from Central Scotland, the Indie-Electro Johnny and the Giros. 

After forming in 2007 Johnny And The Giros started playing what sounds like a take on late 80's rave/disco music guaranteed to get the audience up and movin'. They're finding popularity throughout Scotland including Glasgow's prestigious King Tut's (which sold out) and have also supported many well established bands like The Sunshine Underground and the (sadly now disbanded) Dykeenies. 

last year they released the single.....'I Don't need A Lover'..... and yet again they produced a floor filler.  I can't stress enough how refreshing it is to have a band putting out proper get up and get down on the dance floor tunes.....


Previous gems include Ralph's favourite 'The Day That Friction overcame Fun' which I've included the video for your visual and aural delight.....

File:Studio 54 logo.svg

Gettin' down with their bad selves on 'Titan', there's hints of the Seventies New York's Studio 54 shining through like a disco glitterball.....


And finally some words from those lovely people at 
A Badge Of Friendship.....

Badge of FriendshipOnce again proving that Scotland is a breeding ground for pure musical talent, Johnny & The Giros have arrived with their new single, I Don't Need A Lover.

The band draw from a diverse range of influences, including FoalsLCD SoundsystemBloc PartyThe RaptureYeasayer and Two Door Cinema Club (amongst others), feeding into a sound that masterfully combines all of these elements, to create polished dance floor indie gems.

Interestingly, there are strong elements of Math Rock within their style. Imagine this mixed with a smattering of New York style indie performed at The Hacienda in its pomp, and you have Johnny & the Giros - an indie-rock band that have the uncanny ability to hold a dance crowd in the palm of their hands. I Don't Need A Lover is a stunning example of what these guys are truly capable of.

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